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Motor doesn't start with encoder

Question asked by Tim Guiver on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Francisco Cunha

I'm using the SPIN3201 eval board and have had it working in sensor-less and Hall modes, but i'm looking for better low very low speed, < 10 rpm behaviour where the halls don't produce smooth torque. 


I've attached a 1000 pulse quadrature encoder and from the monitor in ST Motor Control i can see RPM when i turn the motor by hand so i believe it correctly connect or it wouldn't report motion. However, i cant get the motor to move, the alignment step doesn't seem to do anything, as i understand it should drive one coil to pull the motor to a known position, but it doesn't, though it reports success in the ST Motor Control Monitor. Then when i try and start the motor i get nothing, no moment, no sounds, no volts on the terminals also no error.


Any one got any hints what i'm doing wrong?