I made some tests on the S2-LP transceiver...

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we purchased 2 boards of the S2-LP development kit STEVAL-FKI868V1


They come with a mother board that hosts an ST microcontroller already programmed.


We were able to make many RF tests in 10 minutes.


To make the tests, there's no need to write a single line of software.

The software running on a PC allowed us to change all the RF parameters of the 2 board on the fly.



We made the following tests:



TEST 1 - Sensitivity test

Instrument 1: Agilent RF source - Output power -110 dBm - Carrier 868.15 MHz - FSK modulation - Data 01010101...

Instrument 2: Tektronix battery powered oscilloscope

Board: S2-LP programmed as a receiver - GPIO_1 clock_out - GPIO_2 data_out


We directly connected the Agilent RF source to the S2-LP receiver. No coax cable in the middle.

The frequency deviation of the Agilent RF source was 2.4 KHz.

The IF channel filter bandwith of the S2-LP receiver was 12 KHz

No FEC and no whitening on the S2-LP receiver.



At -110 dBm the scope showed that data and clock were perfectly synchronized.

At -113 dBm the scope showed that, sometimes, data and clock weren't perfectly synchronized.



Excellent. We are well impressed.




TEST 2 - Distance test

Excellent results.

I'll update this post next week.



Enrico Migliore




No one sponsored this post.

Just wanted to share these results.