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Performance with voltage mode on powerSTEP01

Question asked by Zheng Liang on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by mouser

I'm testing the powerSTEP01 with X-NUCLEO-IHM03A1 connected Arduino UNO, and I set parameters with BEMF compensation software. This is the first time I use voltage mode and I faced some problemes with this mode:


  1. Is this mode could noly work at low speed? I run the motors with 1300step/s, the current wave is nice, but at 1500step/s, the wave is distortion, although the motor is runing, but it would like to shake the desk damaged, here is what I captured:

    More speed I increased, the motor will be stall and stop.
    In my application, I need to run the motor at 2000step/s, and I get it worked with current mode, but I prefer the low noise performance under voltage mode.
  2. If question 1 is yes, so what approximate speed range it would be? or if not, what the parameters shoud I adjust for this achievement?
  3. At low speed under voltage mode, in range of like 10~200step/s , the current is not constant, less speed will get less current amplitude, I used to with current mode, the current will be constant in this range, so is this normal under voltage mode? What I'm worrying is the output torque of motor.


PS:I got question 1 from this youtube video: Arrow Product Insights - 03 - Voltage vs Current Mode for Stepper Motors - YouTube and my test, but I found that L6470/L6480 is pure voltage control, so I'm confused now.


Hope get your response.