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Ethernet configuration Using STM32F429ZI

Question asked by krishna K H on Jun 23, 2017

Hi guys,


We are working on a project in which we want send  a data from sensor to “MICROSOFT AZURE” cloud server.


Our hardware is STM32F429ZI controller and Ethernet transceiver W5500 device.


  • We are trying to send  a data from client (Controller)  to cloud server using a server URL  in JSON format.


  • But we are not able to receive data in Microsoft Azure server


  • From the code downloaded from the below link (library functions) We are able to ping our hardware from the computer.

Also we are able to open the basic web page, which is configured in our controller.

Currently Ethernet Transceiver (W5500) is connected to MODEM. 


W5500 Library for Ethernet (Transceiver):




  kindly support us to solve this issue by coming online.