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I2c ISR doesn't works on nucleo F334R8

Question asked by Davide Ruggiero Employee on Jun 22, 2017

Hi to all,

I developed a firmware for two nucleo F401RE implementing a I2C communication in master/slave architecture and

I used sequential transmissions in interrupt mode to exchange data between these two boards. Slave board continuously samples temperature data coming from internal temperature sensor board through ADC and when Master requires transmission to the Slave nucleo this stops temperature sampling and send requested data to the Master. The latter step is managed by the ISR I2C1_EV_IRQHandler() and implementing its related callback function HAL_I2C_AddrCallback().

The firmware works well on these two F401RE but when I tried to migrate to a nucleo F334R8 for the slave board problems have begun! The nucleo F3 continues to sample the temperature sensor data but it doesn't respond to Master requests because the interrupt managed by ISR I2C1_EV_IRQHandler() it's not generated.

Can someone give me some advices for solving this problem?