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LwIP UDP Define has no reference

Question asked by andy b on Jun 22, 2017
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Hello fellow Ethernet explorers


I am currently trying to make a UDP connection between a stm32f4 discovery board and a pc.I have already made an example work and I am now trying to replicate the result but with a program made from scratch.When trying to build, the IDE tells me that the define ''MEMP_UDP_PCB'' is unknown.The error appears twice in the udp.c file.I have tried searching other reference in my project and have found none.Does anyone know what value should this be defined to? It's used in  udp_new() and udp_remove() functions more specifically it's used for:
pcb = (struct udp_pcb*)memp_malloc(MEMP_UDP_PCB)
and :

Any help is much appreciated.