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ST-Link/V2 and ST-Link/V2-1 issue

Question asked by Fahad Mirza on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Fahad Mirza

I have a custom board with STM32L051 on it. I am using an example from ST (I-Cube_lrwan). For some reason, once I load the firmware I cannot access the MCU anymore using ST-Link Utility and ST-Link/V2. It always throw "Cannot connect to target". But if I press the reset button before I press "Connect" (in ST-Link Utility) and release the button right after I press "Connect" , ST-Link/V2 can find my MCU.


But... when I use ST-Link/V2-1 from a Nucleo Board, it works perfectly. To me, its like ST-Link/V2-1 can reset the MCU properly where ST-Link/V2 cannot for some reason.


Can anyone suggest me what should I do if I want to use ST-Link/V2, in my case?