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Troubles flashing software on STM32f107VCT6 using FlashLoader Demonstrator

Question asked by Alexandre Boyadjian on Jun 21, 2017
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I'm working with a proprietary board using a stm32f107 and I would like to flash my soft into the ship by using RS232. To do that I have a RS232 connector which can be connected to USB and then I can collect Rx,Tx and GND from the DB9 connector. 


My trouble is when i'm trying to flash my soft with Flash Loader Demonstrator, I'm receiving this error : "No response from the target, the Boot loader can not be started. Please, verify the boot mode configuration and the flash protection status, Reset your device then try again...".


I connected the Rx and Tx from the DB9 to the Tx and Rx of the stm32f107 (Rx->Tx, Tx->Rx), all my power supplies seems good and I did put the BOOT0 pin to GND to enter in the boot mode. I even try on an other board in case the first one was defective.


Please does someone have an idea about how to solve the problem ? Did I missed a configuration ? It should be easy to flash a soft on this board, maybe I just miss read something.