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Is stm32f051 supported by stm32mattarget, since I have issues with the timers and also ADC in simulink?

Question asked by Reza Hosseinzadeh on Jun 20, 2017
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WhenI am adding an ADC block to my model  I can not set the channel which the MCU should read from and with timer I get this error Can not get APB timer frequency. I have already configured the MCU in STM CUBE MX and loaded the ".ioc" file to the configuration  block in Simulink, so for example with GPIO blocks I don t have any problem, but when it comes to timers and ADC these configurations are not transferred to the Simulink and it gives an error of "no configuration found for ADC or Can not get APB timer frequency for timers". The configuration file is attached.

I am using

STM32MATTARGET 4.4.1, MATLAB 2016 b, STM CUBE MX 4.21.0