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"No ST-LINK detected" when connecting with stm32f401RE board

Question asked by Kristian Nielsen on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by james farrant

I have a nucleo stm32f401RE board and it has been working fine for the most part.

Here recently, I followed a tutorial in the book "mastering stm32", where it said to install openocd. I had been following along

before this as well, and I had been able to connect to my board and flashing it with no problem. After attempting to get openocd to work though, this is no longer possible. Every time i try to connect to my board, I simply get the following error message:


I have not been able to find a solution for this anywhere, so I hope you guys can help! If there is anymore relevant information needed, just let me know.

Thank you very much.