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SDRAM layout on an STM32F427 with 4 x 512Mb

Question asked by Attila _ on Jun 20, 2017

Hi Everyone,


I want to use the STM32F427VIT6 controller with four SDRAMs (IS42S86400D) and I would like to get some information of schematic and layout design.
The address bus would be connect directly. Data bus would be distributed between each other. (you can see in attached file)
I found a few information from SDRAM schematic in reference design, but only 2 SDRAM configurations.

Is that possible?

Does the MCU support  four SDRAMs?
Which terminations should I use?
Which bus topology should I use in PCB?
What do you recommend for this problems?



I would be glad if I get some information.
Thank you! Have a nice day!

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