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vnh2sp30 Motor control works only when controller is powered on first

Question asked by Praveen Kumar on Jun 20, 2017
Good Scenario :
We have designed a motor controller using vhn2sp30 motor driver from ST microelectronics and Atmega328P is the controller. When we power on the microcontroller from a different source (USBasp is connected to PC which turns on atmega328P) and program it using Arduino. I have connected a motor to output pins and when I connect battery power to VHN2SP30 chip, the motor starts running. Everything seems to be working as expected.
Bad Scenario:
The trouble starts the other way around. I connect the battery to VHN2SP30 chip and then power on the Atmega328P chip from another 5v source, but the motor does not rotate. There is also a regulator connected to Battery input which provides regulated 5v supply to AVR chip. Even in this case, the motor does not work. I tried removing the regulator / keeping the regulator. Whatever I do, it does not make the motor rotate. The only way is to power on AVR chip from an external source and then connect the battery.
Very Bad Scenario:
The third scenario is when the battery is connected and the motor is spinning, when I press the reset button, it resets the chip and then the motor stops. I need to remove battery supply to motor driver and reconnect it.
Does anybody know why this might be happening?
More information:
1. There is a 35v, 470uF electrolytic capacitor attached to motor driver power pins
2. A 100uF 10v tantalum capacitor is connected to 5v and Ground pins (to output of regulator)
3. Regulator used is LM1084 from Texas instruments
4. Battery is fully charged with capacity of 2200uA and 11.1V
5. Tried different motors from tiny toy motor to metal gear motors, but the result is the same.
6. There are two LED's connected which turns on when motor turns on either direction. In the Good scenario (when motor is spinning) the LED turns on to indicate direction. In the bad scenario, when motor is not connected, the LED still turns on to indicate direction. However in the same bad scenario, when the motor is connected, the LED turns off. Attached the schematic and designed board.
I have trying desoldering each and every component and replaced with higher and lower value (for example, capacitors and resistors, replaced regulator with LM1117, removing the pull up resistor) and still the result is the same. I have tried multiple support variants, but still no result. If all fails, it seems like we have to give up on this project which seems like no further go. Kindly help get a solution.
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