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Which stm32 is best for making a CAN network log?

Question asked by Marco Catellani on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Jack Peacock

I would like to build a project based on STM32 that interfaces with a CAN network. The CAN network has a 250kbps baud rate.

On this network I have to:

  • Log messages from 127 nodes with IDs between 0x381 and 0x3FF (Each node sends a message per second).
  • Send messages to nodes with id between 0x581 and 0x5FF
  • Receive response to these messages that will have IDs between 0x601 and 0x67F.

I was thinking of using an STM32 with 2 CANs. My intention is to set up 2 different filters on IDs and limit interruptions. Is that a good choice? Can it be done with only one CAN?

I have doubts about the kind and the speed of processor to use. Can an STM32F1/F0 be sufficient? Or do I need an F4?

Thanks in advance.