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I have a problem of BootLoader

Question asked by guo qiang on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by guo qiang

Chip: SPC560B54L5.

I write a BootLoader program.this code is running from flash with address 0x00000 ,not sram.

use the computer send   "app.bin" file  to the mcu by can bus.   then the mcu erases the flash after address 0x40000.

and  program the  received data( app.bin)   to flash ,and  jump.

The Bootloader jump code:
#define JMP_ADDRESS (0x40000)   //C_OFFSET_MID_B6



 (*(AppFunctionType)(JMP_ADDRESS+8))(); // jump to app and should not back



APP link script code:

flash : org = 0x40000, len = 512k  // offset
dataflash : org = 0x00800000, len = 64k
ram : org = 0x40000000, len = 64k



After jumping, it will enter the loop code,The value of the PC register is 0x00041544
So I entered the command at the terminal:  ppc-freevle-eabi-objdump.exe -S out.s
what should I do?