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Bluenrg-Ms always responding 0xff on MISO pin.

Question asked by bardina_fons.oriol on Jun 19, 2017

Hi all,


I have 2 different boards for an application i'm developing, i managed to make bluenrg-ms work on one ! but in the other board i send the header and i receive the response 0x02 SPI ready and the size of write buffer and read buffer, but after that all data answered by the module is 0xFF.


So i tried to get  the module that was working to the board that was not working, and the result is that now the 2 modules are doing the same behaviour, responding correctly to the header but always sending 0xFF as response, so application never gets the command complete, my question is if it can be a hardware problem maybe i crash the 2 modules. If anyone on ST knows this behaviour would be nice to have an answer!