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How to fine tune the BLDC startup period?

Question asked by Daniel Husztikd on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2017 by Hani Chahine


I am evaluating a bldc driver setup for a golf caddy with the stspin3201 eval board. The motor has Hall sensor, so I would like to use it, as the main (and preferably) only sensor. Is it a good idea not to use FOC, only just Hall sensor feedback? 

I am having problem with the motor startup period. I use speed control, and the  controller have a serious overshoot and a very long setting time. I need the lowest overshoot and the smallest setting time for this application.  I have reduced the setting time with increasing Ki constant of the PID controller, but it still overshoots, so I need some advice for the fastest startup with the minimal swing. Can anybody help me? I have attached the datasheet of the motor, and the system parameter headers. 
Thank you!