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Question asked by Amjed Mtimet on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by Bogdan Golab

We are using the STM32L432KC and we are facing problem to start the MCU.

To sum up the situation :

 * The MCU can't start-up after a power off.

        **In order to reproduce the case you can use the nucleo L432KC -> you have just to flash the MCU after that remove and put back the USB -> you will see that the MCU don't start-up in every time the power goes on.

 * The workaround of this issue was the use of the IWDG which is clocked from the LSI.  The LSI reset the MCU until the MSI start.

        ** We have checked that this workaround is working in the nucleo L432KC but unfortunately it doesn't work in our board and we are facing the same issue.

  * We have the same board (PCB) with an STM32L0 : The MCU start in every power on. 


We would like to have more information about this issue and to understand why the MCU can't start.