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Question asked by shah.krunal.002 on Jun 16, 2017
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We have designed one system where we are using STM32F407 as the Master uC and STM32F103 as the slave(individual board)  uC. Now our system is such that there are several slave (50 slaves) connected ot the master on I2C bus. We are using 4.7k pull resistor on each individual board (Master and all slave).


At present We are using 7bit I2C address, but now wanted to use 10bit now as we want to increase the no of slave connected to the master.


Now we wanted to connect more slave with the system but does not have idea how many we can connect on the same I2C bus with 10bit address. We know we can go up to maximum of 400pf of the bus capacitance but these capacitance is applicable if we use wire only or pcb bus capacitance also comes in the picture?


Can anyone help so we can determine what is the maximum no. of slaves we can connect to the bus.