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Minimum DAC output Voltage on stm32f30x

Question asked by Simon Schulz on Jun 17, 2017
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What is the minimal voltage the DAC can output?

When I read the Datasheet for the stm32f301 I can see a min of 0.2V with buffer ON.

However when the buffer is OFF the manual says 0.5mV.


I use the DAC internally as input for the comparator. When I set the DAC to 0x0000 I can read ~50mV on the output pin.

If I plot a linear ramp I get the first beginning from 50mV up to ~150mV very slow rising and then from there to VCC with the normal and linear slope.


Why is that? Why does the DAC only give me a minimum voltage of 50mV and not 0mV? Why is the first part of the ramp with a different slope?

I tested a stm32f301 on my custom PCB and also the STM32F303 on the stm32f3 discovery.


Any hints?