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Encoder mode with LOW POWER TIMER 1

Question asked by shingadaddy on Jun 16, 2017
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I can't seem to glean the needed settings from the RM0351 rev 5 to get this to work like I thought it would.

It seems to somewhat work but I can't get any counting to happen with transitions on input 1 (PC0). Can someone
tell me if you've been there / done that with low power timer 1? I have 3 others running with the general purpose
timers but this one stumps me.

I DO see where you tell it what EDGES you want to trigger on. I DONT clearly see where you tell it you want to
trigger on both edges of either input 1 (PC0) or input 2 (PC2)... Looks like someone tripped over and spilled
the bit assignment bucket.

Any help greatly appreciated.

I also have this in as a tech support question but as yet..... Just ASSIGNED --- No bites.

Is it me or does the Lower power documentation seem a little thin?