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STM32F7: Keil Logic Analyzer

Question asked by Luca Sevà on Jun 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2017 by Bob Boys

Hi everyone,

I decide to start a discussion about the use of the Keil (v5) logic analyzer with the STM32F7 MCU.

For example: in the STM32F7 cube examples there is an interesting example about the ADC capability of the F767ZI board. The value are stored in the memory of the MCU itself and it follow that the value can't be visualized in the tool. In the Keil's documentation is clearly wrote that the registry value and other type can't be added as trace. Arguing with a couple of colleagues they've told me that doing some "tricks" like copy the registry value in a global variable(that I'm sure that can be added as a trace) is a solution.

What do you think about ?

Can you give useful tips ?

Thanks in advance