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STM32F105 USB Code 43

Question asked by John Arn on Jun 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by John Arn


I have problem with my custom board with STM32F105 MCU - I'm using STM32Cube with HAL drivers.

I would like to use USB on my board as device  - CDC (I've got everything set up in STM32Cube - I'm using default values), the problem is that everytime I connect it to the USB port it doesn't recognize my MCU - Code 43 Device not recognized.

The D+ line is pulled up to 3.3V with 1.5K resistor, I've got 22 ohm resistors on D+ and D- line, ID is connected to GND, and the GND is connected to GND of the MCU.

I've tried connecting VBus pin to PA9 ( VBus - sense ) pin with no results.

And by the way the CDC drivers are fully working because I tried it with my STM32F4 Discovery board with USB OTG connector.