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Need Help in understanding Voltage Profile for Motor Driver Kit-P-NUCLEO-IHM002

Question asked by Ram Krishan Sharma on Jun 13, 2017

Voltage Gap

The above is the Voltage profile for Vba and V ca here i am not able to understand the gape between the PWM signals why each of the signals are not SPWM is embedded inside them to control the voltage as (zoomed version of Crowded portion from above figure).

SPWM Control

From the figure 1-

Frequency as it seems = 1Hz-

But same 

Frequency from Figure 2 

 = 43kHz.

What is the meaning of 1Hz and 43kHz ?

How the above waveform is able to run the motor at different speeds ?

How such SPWM Works i know only one kind of SPWM from literature as -

And it is continuous and have no gaps as seen in the Actual waveform ,Please Help ???