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Looking for documentation on moving ST Micro supplied SMT32F401RE example code over to the Nucleo STMF429zi

Question asked by Kevin Flanagan on Jun 14, 2017
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I realize this is a basic question, but I am looking for documentation on how to move a ST supplied example (Specifically the X-CUBE-SPN2, X-Nucleo-IHM02A motor driver example) to the Nucleo STM32F429zi. The supplied example only has code for the Nucleo-F072RB, Nucleo-F302RB, and the Nucleo-F401RE.


I am aware of section 6.9 page 192 of "Switching to Another MCU" in "STM32CubeMX for STM32 configuration and initialization C code generation" but don't seem to be getting very far when I try the import function. It is greyed out for the board and I have to direct select the processor in CubeMX v4.21.0 and the IHM02A example seem to lack the required .ioc file.


If anyone has other links on documentation on how to convert to it run on the Nucleo-STM32F429zi I am all ears (or if they have the IHM02A example code ported to the Nuclie-STM32F429zi ... ).


Thanks in advance.