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unefficient ST software tools for STM32

Question asked by mohseni.mohsen on Sep 17, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2014 by Andrew Neil
Other companies like as ATMEL, TI (CCS), Freescale, Silabs, Infieon provide software development software (include eclipse based IDE, GNU compiler, Drivers, Middleware) for their products.

We worked with STM32 for several years and it is difficult for us to switch to others, but we need that ST provide better software tools for STM32 and have better software developers for stm32 tools,
ST development tools team use customers to test their software,we can see STM32Cube with many bugs that we should find and report it to ST.

We can not focus on our application and we waste time with crazy STM32Cube.

I think managers of STM32 section in ST should solve this problem or many customers will switch to other products from other companies in next years.

ST is not a small company,ST is a multi-billion dollar company that have money , so can do this task.