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H3LIS200DL Readings and Conversion

Question asked by roofie01 on Jun 13, 2017
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I am getting some bizarre values from this device, and maybe it's not configured correctly, or I am not reading it correctly.


It appears I can send and read from the device. I can use the "WHO_AM_I" and get back the value 32, which is correct. I then set the control register 1 at 0x20  to 0x27 = b00100111, which sets PM to normal, and x, y and z enabled. To check if the register has taken the value, I read it back, and it says 0x27.


I'm assuming then that after doing this, I can just read the output registers at x,y and z, and  I am doing reads every 100ms (I do not have the interrupts configured at this point, and for now, not converting from two's complement)


However, I am unable to get the output registers to change from 0xFF, no matter what I do with the board it's mounted on. I have tried some pretty hard "nudges" and it will not change. Additionally, if I continuously read the status register, it is always 0xEE, which makes little sense.


Can someone provide some insight as to what might be going wrong?


Thanks for your help!