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VL6180X use on a X-NUCLEO-53L0A1 (STM32)

Question asked by Marcel Portmann on Jun 12, 2017



I use X-NUCLEO-53L0A1 (STM32) and its API (STSW-IMG005) to work with VL53L0X (and the satellite-boards) and

it works pretty good. (compiling and for me important: debugging)

Now I try to use VL6180X as one satellite, to see differences in range, precision etc. on serial-output at the “same” time.

Do I have to write the VL61-API-Part (STSW-IMG003) into existing API for initialising and read-out of the sensors or

is there a sample-code in which both sensors a “married”. (X-NUCLEO-6180XA1 can be also an alternative)

Thank you for the feedback.


Kind regards