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example using HAL ETH without LWiP for raw ethernet frames?

Question asked by Elwood Downey on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2018 by Vineeth CN

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Hello all,


I have been making great progress using CubeMX and HAL for lots of things, now I want to try ethernet. My application is very simple, I only want to send and receive raw ethernet frames -- no UDP or TCP at all. I also prefer not to use LWiP for something so basic. Can anyone point me to an example of raw ethernet frame IO using just HAL? I will be using Nucleo F429ZI.


My requirements:


[ ] send a raw frame (source and destination MAC address, type IP and payload, total less than 1500 bytes)

[ ] receive interrupt upon receipt of a raw ethernet frame


My transactions are slow and simple, I do not even need any buffer queuing.


Thanks for any tips.