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TCP PCB corruption in LwIP with FreeRTOS and STM32F429I

Question asked by Michal Golebiowski on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by AvaTar

Hello, I have continuously issues with establishing stable netconn web server with STM32F429+FreeRTOS+LwIP 2.0 from CubeF4.

The page have AJAX code whos asking device for data (aprox. 600b) for every second.

After couple of hours (aprox. 10h) or couple fast refreshes of the page (F5) the whole OS hangs in the same place as Google Groups  <- here. I am using ST's ethernetif.c file and port.

My webpage has more (and bigger) files, about ~50kb but files are stored in SDRAM and web server is really similar to this provided by ST in Cube.

I have no idea where to look for problem - corruption of the memory makes no sense as I am using high level API and I'm not touching mem management. 


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Michal Golebiowski