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Problems in reading FIFO for LIS2DE12

Question asked by Kinjal Prajapati on Jun 9, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by udhakumar udhayakumar

Hello all,

I am configuring LIS2DE12 accelerometer with JN5169 module using I2C. I read the AN3308 application note of LIS3DH and implemented the code accordingly but I am facing the problems in the configurations.

I have done following steps:

1) Writing 0x7F in the CTRL1 Register

2) Writing 0x00 in the CTRL2 Register

3) Writing 0x40 in CTRL5 Register    //made FIFO enable

4) Writing 0x40 in FIFO_CTRL Register   //made FIFO mode enable

5) Then, I am waiting for a while 

6) Reading X, Y and Z axis.

7) Enabling bypass mode, writing 0x00 to CTRL5\


Now, the problem is that the axis are showing the data till 11 sample numbers correctly. Even, it is changing according to the directions, but then, on the 12th sample, the axis are constantly giving me 0x33 till the 32 sample number. Then, it is giving as 0xff and then, the buffer again starts giving correct data till 11th sample.

When I read the status register, it is giving me always 0x00 , and the FIFO_SRC register as 0x20 upto 11th sample, & then, it also comes as 0x33.

I don't understand its behavior.

Did I configured anything wrong? 

Please help me out with this !

I will be greatly thankful !!!