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Using HAL_I2C_transmit/receive_DMA inside a callback function

Question asked by Jefferson Cunalata on Jun 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2018 by Youssouf Coulibaly

Hi everybody, I am trying to implement callback function for I2C peripheral.


This is the code without dma implementation:


void ADXL345_GetXyzRAW(uint8_t *buffer){

uint8_t firstRegAddress = ADXL345_DATAX0;








As you can see, the code works properly but it demands cpu cycles. So my objective is to use dma controller for automatizing the process. The problem rise when the task ADXL345_GetXyzRAW demand me two i2c functions (transmit and receive).


It is a problem because my idea is execute ADXL345_GetXyzRAW function once and then still doing another task. It doens't allow me wait for ending of I2C transmit for then executing i2c receive (time is gold for my device). I need both of theses task executing one by one with out wait for the first for then execute the second in a polling mode.


My idea is call the function i2c receive dma inside  HAL_I2C_MasterTxCpltCallback(), but i dont know if I am doing a bad practice or a violation for access memory.