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M24SR64 - locks out

Question asked by barningham.andrew on Jun 8, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2017 by JP Miller

Dear Support


I am using the M24SR64 on a Mikroe 1726 board. The board has NO power to it and we are using the RFID energy to power the chip. We wrote an NFC app for a smart phone and the App and everything works OK most the time but what we are finding that 1 in 20 - 30 times the M24SR64 chip locks out and the system data and memory data can not be read and we are unable to write to the chip afterwards. We find the only way to recover is simply use the ST25 NFC App to read and then write any characters back. is it possible you can advise us data messages and commands you use in the ST25 NFC App?

We found the problem appears to exist with Android 5.

Also are you aware of this problem?