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Writing a custom USB CCID device class

Question asked by Noor Ahmad Shinwari on Jun 8, 2017

Hi Everyone!


I am starting to work on a new project, and I want to select a microcontroller platform. I love stm32, so I'm hoping there is a way around what I think will be a problem.

I have searched in ST forums and on google, and have not yet found an answer.


I noticed that STM32F4 cube does not support the CCID (Smart Card) class for usb device (or even host, for that matter). and I also noticed that there is some room to write custom classes. the question is: is it possible to write such a class under Stm32f4Cube? if so, can someone point me on how to even start this task?


My experience with STM32 is from the days before stm32cube. but I thought the STSW-STM32092 (STM32F0x2xx USB Full Speed Device Library) included support for the CCID class, so how come they removed that from the new library?


Would it make my life easier if I used the keil MDK middleware usb component instead of STM32cube's USB library?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thank you!