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How do I resolve the different hardware CRC calculation when using word vs byte option

Question asked by Lorne Vaasjo on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by Lorne Vaasjo

I need to have a PC algorithm that produces the same result as the hardware CRC (using an F0 chip).

I can produce identical results between hardware and software when doing a byte by byte crc calculation.

I would like to use the word based calculation since it is much faster.

However, the result produced using the word by word in the hardware CRC is different than the one produced using the byte by byte option. I've tried all combinations of bit and byte ordering on the word value in the software based calculation (taking 4 bytes at a time and re-ordering bits and bytes) but I haven't come up with a combination that works.


It isn't necessary for me to have the hardware word vs byte calculation produce the same result (would be good if it did though).  However the software and hardware calculations must obviously match.


Does anyone have any tips to share on this?