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Receiving wrong characters in Transmit buffer

Question asked by navya rao on Jun 7, 2017


I am using a STM32F030 Nucleo-64 and my requirement is to Transmit and Receive 10 characters in non-blocking mode. And am using Docklight to send characters into my Receive Buffer and in my program i have assigned characters for Transmit buffer= "Done12345\n".

My code is written in such a way that  ,when I send 10 characters to Receive buffer in interrupt mode using Docklight, it will wait until all the 10 characters are received and then sets a flag in callback function and then transmits "Done12345\n"  in interrupt mode.

Here i got an issue, in transmit buffer i found some wrong characters replacing my first 5 characters(see the attached file), but somehow i managed to get the proper characters(required output) by adding a delay of 1msec.

                      memcpy (uartbuff, "Done12345\n", 10);
                             Send_To_UART1( uartbuff ,10);

Can anyone help me understanding more in detail.

Regards, Navya.