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STM32F769I-DISCO STemWIN double buffer/flicker problem

Question asked by Josh McAtee on Jun 7, 2017

This is in reference to the main "Demonstration" app in the latest cube release, 1.7.0.


It's pretty clear that the demo application running on the STM32F769I-DISCO is not properly double buffering, or some other issue is causing flicker/artifacts or strange RAM buffer usage.


Running the same demonstration on the STM32F746G-DISCO board everything appears to be working fine.


On the 769 board, you can see the swipe as the screen refreshes, not present on the 746. If you add an element to the GUI, like a vertical scrolling swipelist, it works fine on the 746 but displays with some flickering + other strange artifacts on the 769.


The 769 for some reason doesn't have a STemWIN Hello World application, so that can't be checked as a comparison, functionally or code wise.

I don't have the 769I-EVAL so I'm not sure if the same issue is present there.


Has anyone noticed this before, or have an idea where the problem lies?





Replacing LCDConf_CmdMode_TE.c with LCD_Conf.c helps with the screen tearing in some sense... except the tearing now appears diagonally instead vertically.