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STM-FOC motor control

Question asked by Awantha Jayasiri on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by russo.giuseppe
We are a startup developing motor control solutions and our advanced motor controller is capable of controlling upto 8 motors simultaneously. We are planning on using STM’s sensorless FOC control methodology for our controller since we already have some experience with STM chips. We would like to know more about STM’s sensorless estimation functionality. Some of the specific concerns are as follows:
1.      The accuracy of sensorless estimation of STM FOC. The Texas Instruments (TI) claims their instaspin capability (FAST estimator) has error bounds upto ±1 electrical deg. What would be the error in estimation of electrical angle using STM’s sensorless FOC.
2.       Efficiency compared to other commutation methods. Do you have any information on the performance of STM-FOC algorithm compared to other (6-step) communication methods?   
3.      What are the chip families support the STM’s sensorless FOC?
4.      Can we use internal flash memory of STM chips to store the motor parameters once it is calibrated?
5.      Can you provide reference to a barebone project that we can use at a starting point and develop on top of it?
6.      Can we use Attolic True Studio for developing STM-sensorless FOC projects?
Thank you very much in advance