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RTC Freezes in HAL_RTC_Init

Question asked by Francesco Di Cecio on Jun 7, 2017

I am at my first time with RTC and I have some problems.
I would like to configure rtc as a calendar.
I would like to retrieve date and time after a certain event.
I am following the RTC_Calendar example in the STM324xG_EVAL folder (STM32Cube \ Repository \ STM32Cube_FW_F4_V1.16.0 \ Projects \ STM324xG_EVAL \ Examples \ RTC \ RTC_Calendar) with a discovery.
This example freezes in HAL_RTC_Init (if (HAL_RTC_Init (& RtcHandle)! = HAL_OK)).
Can you send me a few simple examples (configuration and recovery date and time)

Can someone help me? Please.