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STM32F429ZIT6 Discovery Board, USB File reading and Transmitting with UART

Question asked by Munna Munna on Jun 7, 2017

Hello all,

In the process of learning Microcontroller programming, I have taken up a project where in  I have mounted a cellular modem to my Discover kit and passing commands(Pre Programmed) to modem with  MCU. Now, I want to transfer a file with large size ranging 10MB+, as flash memory is limited to 2MB , I have created a uint16_t array of ST_logo converted image which looks like { 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, ....etc. } (Hexadecimal)´and transmitted with UART to Modem which works fine.


Now, when I want to transfer the file more than 10MB, what are the possibilities? I have checked USB-OTG is a support for this Discovery kit, but I couldn't find any examples which could help me. My idea is to Place a file of 10MB or more in a USB stick, start reading from MCU and at the same time transmitting to Modem. Will this work? If so, how to implement. Any small example would help me a lot. Thanks in advance.


P.S: I have already worked with CubeMX,System workbench for STM32 and developed SMS applications, like I can send SMS with modem and MCU kit.