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ADC after RST pin stm32

Question asked by david lion on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by Zhitai Liu

Hi, I have a problem with the adc. I want to get the voltage of the STM.

At the start up of my program I want to get the voltage of the STM. So I init the internal ADC and get VREFINT. I have the good value whit my calculation, so no problem there.

My problem is when I use the RST pin of the stm32. After rebooting the stm32 by using the RST PIN I read wrong value at the vrefint channel ( from 0 to 1500, or I used the oversampling mode so I must read value around  22700).

When I rebot the system electricaly, turn off and then turn on the power, the value is good. The problem is only when I used the RST pin.


Do you know where is the problem ? 

Thanks !

Sorry for my english ...