Suggestion for parts library for ST Discovery board and IC's

Discussion created by Osto on Jun 6, 2017

Hi ST,


There is website samacsys.com which have a parts library and they support a lot of IC's and I can request for making parts if its not available in their database.

They produce the parts for a lot of different CAD software. Right now they produce libraries for 12 differnt CAD's.


If ST cooperate with them it will be enormous helpfull for engineers to use ST parts. Specially with Discovery boards, its extremly helpful to have the part already somewhere and to import it only.

For example, I wanted last week to use a NUCLEO-F413ZH for a test project. To make the part availabel in Target 3001, I needed almost 8 hours to adjust all information in the CAD. If the parts would be available in Samacsys then the same job would be done in 3 minutes. This work will be done day for day hunderds of times around the world. You could solve this problem with few dollars and save hundereds of working hours around the world.


In attachment you will find a sample CPU from samacsys.


Please check the www.samacsys.com and let me know your feedback


best regards,