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SPC5Studio 5.3.2 is available

Discussion created by Erwan Y Employee on Jun 6, 2017

Dear All ,


SPC5Studio 5.3.2 is available


*** Highlights ***

Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.3.2

- Serial Read not fully working in Linflex_v1 driver


Here are the changes coming with SPC5Studio v5.3.1

- Update the max values of K2 clockpoints

- Update Velvety Header File

- SPC560p.h header file issue: MDIS bit missing in the definition of MCR register in PIT tag

- Write one to clear (w1c) register issue

- Pinmap for BGA: allow flip of image to see device in order to have A1 ball in top left corner


- Several bugs and improvements, please refer to 

SPC5 Automotive MCUs (SPC5Studio part)


*** Notes ***
- Make sure to read the SPC5Studio Users Guide and Components
Writers Guide in
the help section.
Enjoy SPC5Studio,
The SPC5Studio Team.