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Where can I find a development board with clear instructions?

Question asked by Jason Multin on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2018 by rosenau.mark

When I studied electrical engineering in college years ago, I worked on a development board with my school from Motorola.  I was able to do a lot of things with it because the teacher and my textbook explained to us how to use the board. They explained many of the various function of the board and we were given simple programs that showed how to use different functions of the boards, such as the inputs, output, the  ADC interfacing with an LCD. Then we altered the sample codes to do other things and combined code to make bigger project. However, when I started working on different microcontrollers like the ATMEGA ones from a small company called NERDKITS, I often got frustrated. That's because I wanted some instructions to come with my microcontrollers so that I know how to use it.


The microcontrollers always come with a datasheet, but it is hard to fully understand all the functions of the microcontroller just by reading the datasheet. The datasheet merely expains all the different registers in the microcontrollers. However, in order to truly understand the different functions of the microcontroller, the user must be given a tutorial with a type of bare bones sample code that demonstates how to use every function of the microcontroller such as the ADC,inputs, ouptuts, I2C, and others. It should also explain how to connect the microcontroller to different devices such as an LCD, touchsceen, or I2C EEPROM.


I  bought a  STM32F103RBT6 development board + 2.8" TFT lcd module true color touch screen from Ebay and it uses official ST parts but  the development board itself was not created by ST.  I even used it for my Masters senior project and did quite well.  The board is actually nice because it comes with a color LCD and touchscreen. However, it didn't come with a tutorial on how to use it. It merely contained some sample codes but the comments were in Chinese and they were converted to random characters on my computer so I don't even know what most of the sample programs do.  

I am not saying, I can't do anything with these microcontrollers. I am saying that I might be able to eventually figure out how to do something but it is always frustrating because I often have to search all over the internet to figure out how to do something simple with these boards. I might also figure out what a sample code does but it is also frustrating to figure it out when the comments are converted to gibberish.


I understand that my board is not made by ST so there may not be instructions from the company but  I want to change that. I would like to purchase an offical board by ST but I also want something that actually comes with decent instructions as well. I want the instructions to explain how to do use every function of the microcontroller, and how to connect it with different devices? If there aren't clear and thorough instructions, then I am not interested.I would also like it if this board was one that could easily be connected to an LCD and a touchscreen. Does anybody have any suggestions of something like this? Thanks