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Programming STM32F030C8 using USB-I2C Bridge. Can it be done?

Question asked by Jabalous IbnJabalous on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by Viktor Pohorely



I am planning to use STM32F030C8 in a project, but I want to ask if it's possible to program the chip through I2C. I want to use a controller (might be based on STM32F1 series) to act as a master that will flash the slave controller  (STM32F030C8) on another board. I searched the app notes online and found ST's AN3078 which explains how to do IAP over I2C for STM32F10x microcontrollers in master-slave (US-I2C bridge). Can the same thing be applied to STM32F0 series? Or do they lack this feature?