Alex Fedoseev

Proper Setup of X-NUCLEO-IHM07M1

Discussion created by Alex Fedoseev on Jun 6, 2017


I purchased x-nucleo-ihm07m1 as a kit with #Nucleo F-302R8,  Bull Running motor and 12 V 2A power adapter

I have been struggling to set the jumpers properly. Finally I found a combination that worked. I set JP5 to U5V position on Nucleo F302 board, and removed JP9 on IHM07M1 board. I flashed the Nucleo F302 with X-CUBE-SPN7.bin file from C:\STM32CubeExpansion_SPN7_V1.0.0\Projects\Multi\Examples\MotorControl\Binary\STM32F302R8-Nucleo folder.

However, there are still  problems, as follows:

  1. U10 chip get very hot, can't put my finger on it. Is that normal? 
  2. I have to rotate the potentiometer to the right, so my motor runs smoothly, otherwise it begins to **** and 'cough'. I rotate it about 100 degrees to the right. Is that normal? I know that 6 step method is not very accurate when the motor runs slow - it doesnt produce enough BEMF.
  3. How do i switch to FOC method? I switched J6 and J5 to 3h position, but the motor doesnt start when I press the blue button on the Nucleo. It just jerks once and stops. What am I  missing or doing wrong? 
  4. Please confirm the proper positioning of jumpers. When I connect JP5 to E5V postion, the LDO chip U3 gets very hot, so i have to leave it in U5v position. The manual says that I may damage the Nucleo board if I apply more than 12 v, but I am applying whatever voltage the included power adaptor supplies.

Please advise,