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LIS3DH Z output noisy

Question asked by Anusuya Nallathambi on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Alex Spurling

I am trying to measure a machine's vibration using LIS3DH sensor. 

I set the LIS3DH in low power mode and 5.376 kHz sampling frequency which outputs 8 bit output. I use spi to get the data from the sensor. I changed this raw output into ’g' using the sensitivity value given in the datasheet.

My problem is: The sensor shows a fluctuation in its output of Z axis even when there is no vibration applied and the sensor is fitted on a horizontal surface. The range of this fluctuation is approximately from 0.6g to 1.2g. I have attached a image that shows such output. (X axis is time and Y axis is vibration in terms of g)


Can someone please help me to interpret why this is happening ? Is there a method to somehow remove this noise from the output ?

Please help.