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STM32F103RBT6 Error: No device found on target.

Question asked by Praveen Gonsalves on Jun 5, 2017
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I've designed a custom board using STM32F103RBT6. To debug the custom board I've got the STM32F103 Nucleo-64 board. As mentioned in the User manual of Nucleo 64 board(UM1724) page 18, section 6.2.4, I've connected the CN4(VDD, SWCLK, GND, SWDIO, NRST) connector to my custom board connector, I've brought all the debug pin on a single connector in my custom board.

Now I configured the peripherals using cubemx and using atolic studio for coding and debugging, whenever I click debug, I'm getting No device found on target.

I've checked voltages on my custom board, I'm getting 3V3 volts. 

Also what should be connected to Boot0, 3v3 or gnd or shoud be kept open.?


Can anyone please help me in solving this issue.