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Accuracy FlightSense

Question asked by florian kurtz on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by loyer.dominique

Hi everyone !

I'm working on the flightsense sensor thanks to the expansion  board X-Nucleo-6180XA1 and a satellite on a STM32F401RE. And I have some questions :


I would like to know the accuracy of the sensor ?


Also, I want to use it to determine a distance between the sensor and a target. 

I have implemented the example code and adapted it to my situation. I would like to measure the distance with at least 0.5mm of precision. But the sensor send only the result in millimeter by the I²C bus .

Is it possible to have a more accurate measure ?


Finally, I work on STM32F103 thanks to the SPL library and not with the HAL library. I tried to implement a code but unsuccessful ...

Do you have an example with this library ?


Thanks in advance,

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