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SPIRIT1: Transmission & Reception HELP

Question asked by Clement Ailloud on Jun 4, 2017



I bought the spsgrf-955290 (controlled via SPI) module for a school project.


After a week to looking for how to go in TX/RX state, I wonder one question : how to transmit or receive a data ?


Problem, the datasheet, this lack of details is clearly  irritating and surprising from ST. No informations about a simple transmission/reception, an example of a steps to follow could have been appreciated.


I'm trying to do the "direct through FIFIO" for TX mode but when I wrote at FIFO address, I'm unable to know if my data was completely sent. The datasheet says "data are transmitted without any processing", how to be sure of it? Like reception, I set up the same mode to RX but no data when reading FIFO address...


Someone who have made this operation or have ideas about that?