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USB Host HID full speed mouse not working

Question asked by Luggi on Jun 1, 2017

Hello dear STM32 Community

I'm trying to implement the usb_otg_fs host hid class to read out a mouse. The code is generated by MXCube using the HAL library package STM32F4 V1.16.0. As long as I'm using any kind of standard usb mouse which communicates at low speed, even although the speed param is set to full speed, everything works perfect. If I check the usb lines, a keep alive signal is generated every ms and the host is requesting a data packet every 10ms, which is replied by the mouse.


As soon as I connect a more advanced mouse with higher specs which initialises in full speed mode, the initialisation works just fine. But as soon, as everything is configured, the host only generates the necessary SOF Packet to keep the mouse awake but nothing more, no data requests.


Has anyone some experience with reading out this kind of mouse? It has a sampling rate of 1kHz, what I would like to read out.